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ITF Inclusion Pledge

The Educational Theatre Association (EdTA) and the International Thespian Society (ITS) honor and respect all attendees of the International Thespian Festival and strive to do no harm. EdTA and ITS pledge to support the well-being of all attendees and foster a welcoming, safe environment for participants of all races, gender identities, and abilities. We ask that workshop presenters, college representatives, exhibitors, volunteers, adjudicators, and facilitators sign this pledge affirming that they will strive to do the same by commiting to the following inclusive practices as part of their participation agreement.
  • Support transgender and nonbinary attendees by honoring and using the names that attendees have chosen to share with you.
  • If you don't know how to pronounce an attendee's name, ask naturally and respectfully.
  • Don't assume to know a person's preferred pronouns. Ask for, remember, and use attendees' preferred pronouns.
  • Work to make workshops welcoming to participants of all abilities. Introduce yourself as a presenter rather than a speaker, offer modifications for activities that would welcome attendees with varied mobility levels, or with hearing or vision impairments, etc.
  • Affirm that each attendee is an expert on their own needs for physical and psychological safety and commit to honoring requests from attendees for accomodations to help them feel comfortable and included in a workshop or activity.
If you witness any incidence of bias or discrimination, check in on the person and offer support, then report it to event staff.

I understand that as a presenter, exhibitor, volunteer, or facilitator supporting the International Thespian Festival, I represent EdTA and ITS and am honor-bound to uphold the organization's policies and provide a safe and welcoming environment for all participants.

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