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Chaperone Guide

Thank you for serving as a chaperone at ITF! We're grateful to have you on site and to help keep students safe. This page outlines the responsibilities and expectations for chaperones in addition to providing more key information.

Be sure to check out our handy Know-Before-You-Go Guide and share it with your students. If you have any questions about your role as chaperone, please email us at

Table of Contents

  1. Trip Overview
  2. Who Is a Chaperone?
  3. Types of Chaperones
  4. Expectations for Adults
  5. Student Behavior
  6. Emergencies
  7. Logistics

Trip Overview

The 2024 International Thespian Festival (ITF) is held June 14-28 at Indiana University Bloomington. Students and adults are immersed in a theatre experience like no other! Each day includes productions, workshops, intensives, and time with exhibitors. Attendees build their own day-to-day schedule using the ITF mobile app and are encouraged to explore pathways that interest them.

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Who Is a Chaperone?

At ITF, a chaperone is any adult attending the event as part of a group that includes students. Chaperones must be:

  • 21 years of age or older
  • Registered for the event
  • Utilizing the same housing as their students (i.e., if students are staying on campus, their chaperones must also be staying on campus)

Registered groups must include at least one chaperone for every eight student attendees.

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Types of Chaperones

There are two types of chaperones at ITF:

Primary Contacts

These chaperones are responsible for arranging and organizing one or more students' attendance at ITF. Often times, this is a Thespian troupe director who is attending the festival with their students, though any adult who registers students for the festival can be a Primary Contact. Prior to the event, these chaperones are responsible for:

  • Registering their groups
  • Submitting housing assignments
  • Paying registration fees
  • Arranging for transportation for troupes
  • Submitting Thespy and audition materials

Adult Chaperones

Additional adults can be enlisted by the Primary Contact to help supervise their group of student attendees. As stated previously, registered groups must include at least one chaperone for every eight student attendees. These chaperones provide on-site supervision and are not responsible for the pre-event tasks that Primary Contacts must complete.

All attendees aged 18 or older must complete a background check in advance of the event. This also includes any student that meets the age requirement.

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Expectations for Adults

While on site, chaperones are responsible for:

  • Checking in and out at the dorm/hotel and at the ITF Registration Desk (Primary Contacts only; space at the ITF Registration Desk is limited; please DO NOT bring students to the registration desk)
  • Communicating regularly with students using group text, classroom apps, group check-ins/meetups, etc.
  • Keeping track of students’ whereabouts and activities throughout the day (remind them to take breaks to eat!)
  • Monitoring and correcting behavior, as needed; holding students accountable to ITF rules
  • Reinforcing safety protocols
  • Managing main stage tickets for your group
  • Performing daily room checks after curfew

At curfew each night (11:30 p.m.), chaperones must check — in person — to ensure students are in their rooms and report to their floor captains. After room checks, floor captains must notify their safety captain that all students on their floor are in their residence hall rooms. Lights are expected to be out by 12 a.m.

Any chaperone or safety personnel may take the name badge of any student violating safety and security rules. That chaperone must then report the incident to the ITF safety team using the Safety and Security Incident Form.

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Student Behavior

The safety of all ITF participants is a top priority — and essential to making the event an enjoyable, educational experience. Please take time to read these rules carefully before you arrive on campus.

Prior to the event, ITF staff will assign dorm and floor captains from those chaperones who are registered for ITF. Assigned individuals will receive an email notifying them of their assignment prior to the event. All dorm and floor captains must attend the Safety and Security Orientation at the Indiana Memorial Union in the Georgian Room on Sunday, June 23 from 7-8 p.m.

Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, and Weapons

  • EdTA has a “zero tolerance” policy on illegal and inappropriate alcohol and drug use: Violations will result in dismissal from ITF.
  • EdTA prohibits any use of alcohol, on or off ITF-managed premises, that adversely affects staff or adult work performance or the safety of others.
  • Illegal possession, use, or distribution of alcohol, drugs, or drug paraphernalia by ITF participants, staff, or guests is a violation of local, state, and federal laws. Possession of drug paraphernalia will be treated the same as possession of illicit drugs, even if never used.
  • Indiana University is a tobacco-free campus, including all indoor and outdoor areas. Use of any tobacco product is prohibited, including vaping and Juuling.
  • Delegates bringing any type of weapon onto campus will be sent home immediately.

Attendance Expectations

Students are required to attend event activities on campus during the week, and chaperones are expected to communicate regularly with students to ensure participation. Students are encouraged to stay on campus as much as possible, and may not leave campus after 11 p.m.


Students who violate safety rules may have their badge pulled by any adult chaperone who witnesses the infraction. If one of your students' badges is pulled, the Primary Contact must attend court with the student the following day at 8 a.m., unless otherwise instructed. Court is located in the Charter Room at the Indiana Memorial Union.


  • All attendees (students and adults) must be in their assigned dorm rooms by 11:30 p.m. Quiet hours, with lights out, begin at 12 a.m.
  • Students missing curfew must meet with their Primary Contact and safety personnel the next day at the 8 a.m. ITF court meeting (see Safety Violations and Consequences).
  • For safety reasons, IU’s dorms have measures in place to track access and movements within the buildings. Students found to have left their floors after curfew will risk being sent home at their own expense.

Property Damage and Loss

  • Keep your room locked to prevent theft and instruct students to do the same. Attendees may not remove, alter, or damage any campus property. This includes posting messages on dorm windows.
  • To prevent fires and furniture damage, burning incense and candles is not permitted.
  • Attendees are responsible to Indiana University for any damage to their room or campus property. Prior to checkout, attendees are expected to tidy their rooms and dorm lounges to the condition they were found at check-in. ITF will bill the attendee, parents, or school for damage fees not collected at checkout.
  • The university and EdTA are not responsible for loss or breakage of personal effects, money, or valuables.

University Regulations

While attending ITF, you are a guest of the university. Behave graciously and respect your fellow attendees, university staff and students, and local citizens. Follow all posted rules in campus buildings — for example, no food or drink in the theatres, and no audio, video, or camera recording of performances. Fireworks are prohibited on campus.

Remember: Safety First

All attendees should be alert throughout the week. Report any unauthorized person in your dorm to the safety team (floor captain, dorm captain, safety chairs). Err on the side of caution if you witness any situation or behavior that doesn’t feel right — if you see something, say something.

Safety and Security Policy

ITF’s complete safety and security policy can be reviewed on the Healthy & Safety page of the website. This section includes classifications and examples of various potential infractions as well as consequences. You may also review the EdTA Code of Conduct.

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If an emergency or crime is in progress:

  1. Call 911.
  2. Report the incident using IU’s incident report form.
  3. Report the incident using ITF’s Safety and Security Incident Form.



IU has all-gender bathrooms in a number of locations across campus. Refer to the campus map for more details. Bathrooms in Collins, Forest, McNutt, and Teter are designated as Common Single Occupancy facilities, which are locking three-piece bathrooms. There are multiple units on each floor.


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Image is representative and not to scale.

Briscoe has suite style bathrooms. Some bathrooms are shared between two adjoined rooms, and in some cases, the bathroom will be private to a single rooms and shared only by its occupants. In no instance should an adult room be linked to a student room by shared bathroom.

Eigenmann has communal shared bathrooms. Each floor has a masculine or feminine designation. On each floor, one bathroom facility will be designated for use by adults only. All other facilities on that floor will be open for student use. 

Campus Footprint

View an interactive campus map.

Indiana Memorial Union (IMU)

The IMU serves as a hub for a variety of ITF activities:

  • Registration/ITF Help Desk (East Lounge, Mezzanine Level)
  • Exhibit Hall (Alumni Hall & Solarium)
  • First Aid (Hoosier Room)
  • Thespian Store (East Lounge, Mezzanine Level)
  • Late Night Activities (Sunday, June 18 only; various rooms)
  • Housing (Biddle Hotel)


  • Briscoe Quadrangle
  • Collins Living-Learning Center (adults-only dorm)
  • Eigenmann Hall
  • Forest Quadrangle & Dining Hall
  • McNutt Quadrangle & Dining Hall
  • Teter Quadrangle


  • IU Auditorium – Opening Ceremony, Thespy Awards Showcase, Main Stage
  • Musical Arts Center (MAC) – Main Stage, Pathway Performance
  • Ruth N. Halls Theatre – Chapter Select One-Act Showcase
  • Whittenberger Auditorium – Commissioned Musical, The 24 Hour Plays

Thespy Adjudication

  • Ballantine Hall – various rooms

Programs, Workshops, and Intensives

  • Ballantine Hall
  • Global & International Studies Building
  • Indiana Memorial Union (IMU)
  • Marching Hundred Hall
  • Musical Arts Center (MAC)
  • School of Public Health Building
  • Collins-Edmonson Hall

Off-Campus Venues

ITF will also utilize some spaces just off campus:

  • Hilton Garden Inn (Housing)
  • Hyatt Place Bloomington (Housing)
  • Buskirk-Chumley Theater (Student Tech Intensive)

First Aid

The first aid station is located in the Hoosier Room at the Indiana Memorial Union (IMU) and will be open 24 hours a day beginning at 12 p.m. Sunday, June 18 until 8 a.m. Saturday, June 24.

Attendees in need of first aid should report to the ITF First Aid room, NOT the IU Student Health Center. They should bring a copy of their health insurance card. All students in need of first aid must be accompanied by an adult chaperone.


Attendees with All-Access Passes will be housed in one of the following dorms:

  • Briscoe Quadrangle
  • Collins Living-Learning Center (adults without students only) 
  • Eigenmann Hall
  • Forest Quadrangle 
  • McNutt Quadrangle
  • Teter Quadrangle

Attendees with Activities-Only Passes must stay in one of ITF’s designated host hotels: 

  • Biddle Hotel & Conference Center
  • Hilton Garden Inn
  • Hyatt Place Bloomington 

For many reasons, it is important for attendees to book reservations at one of our host hotels. 

In an effort to secure special reservation rates for our attendees, EdTA negotiates contracts with each of our host hotels. If our contracted housing obligations are not met, EdTA will pay significant penalty fees. Such fees may result in increased registration costs over time. 

We are able to monitor attendance through our hotel room blocks. This enables us to be better prepared in any given circumstance and helps with cost containment. 

Each of our host hotels is selected with our attendees in mind. In addition to curbing costs, some key factors include:

  • Proximity to campus (each hotel is less than one mile from the Indiana Memorial Union)
  • Hotel amenities (may include complimentary breakfast, pool, fitness center, etc.)
  • Parking (which is often cheaper and less challenging than on campus. 

We understand that some attendees may live locally and wish to commute in each day for ITF. All other ITF attendees are required to book housing at one of the host hotels if staying off-campus. Hotel reservations must be made at the time of registration or through the Attendee Service Center. Do not contact the hotel directly to make a reservation. 

Lost and Found 

All lost and found materials returned to ITF staff will be stored at the ITF Help Desk in the East Lounge of the IMU. Participants may inquire about found items at any time the desk is open. Be prepared to provide precise descriptions of the item(s) lost. Note: Once the help desk closes at 2 p.m. on Friday, June 23, no additional lost items will be accepted, and all unrecovered items will be disposed of. 


All-Access Passes include a meal plan. Attendees will be assigned to either McNutt or Forest dining hall, depending on which residence hall they are assigned. Dorm room key cards act as meal passes, and cards may only be used at assigned dining halls. Attendees will not be able to use meal cards at other eateries on campus. 

Attendees not staying in dorms can purchase meals individually at the dining halls if they wish. Meal pleans do not include meals on Sunday, June 18, but attendees can purchase meals at the Forest or IMU eateries that day. IU Bloomington is a cashless campus.


All-Access Pass:

If keeping a vehicle on campus during the week, the Primary Contact must indicate the need for Community Housing Parking Passes when completing the On-Campus Housing Form.  

Activities-Only Pass:

A variety of paid lots are available across IU’s campus. ITF is unable to validate parking and does not receive a discounted rate of any kind. ITF’s host hotels have been specifically selected with proximity to campus in mind and should be walkable for many attendees.  


GoExpress Shuttles will stop intermittently at several ITF locations. All ITF attendees with a badge are encouraged to use the free on-campus shuttles. The GoExpress shuttles are ADA accessible and will have chair lifts. You’ll find the daily shuttle schedule on the Transportation page of the website.

Additionally, an Indiana University campus shuttle will also be running throughout the week and is free to ride. Note that this shuttle will make additional stops at drop-off points not associate with ITF, and therefore may take longer.


IU Bloomington has free wi-fi across campus that does not require a login to access. Note: the influx of users at the festival may cause the wi-fi to lag. We apologize for any inconvenience this may create. Unfortunately, ITF attendees must use the available free wi-fi option or use cellular data; no credentialed logins for other wi-fi options are available.  

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