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ITF Chapter Select Production Guide

Published November 2022
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Bring the best performances from your chapter to the International Thespian Festival! The Chapter Select Showcase highlights outstanding performances from chapters around the globe.

Chapters can recommend one top-scoring live short performance by aThespian troupe from their respective festivals/conferences for the Chapter Select Showcase lineup at ITF. Performances may be one-acts, cuttings from full-length productions, reader's theatre, dance, mime, comedy, drama, etc. Please check with your chapter director to learn more about how your troupe may qualify.

Chapter directors must submit their recommendations to EdTA by April 3, 2023

If your troupe is not part of an active chapter, please contact to learn about other performance opportunities. 

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Who can participate in the Chapter Select Showcase?

Any Thespian troupe in good standing with the parent organization (the International Thespian Society and the Educational Theatre Association) is eligible for the Chapter Select Showcase at ITF.

To give as many troupes as possible the chance to perform at ITF, troupes may not perfrom on the main stage and in the Chapter Select Showcase in the same year.

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Important Dates

April 3, 2023 Chapter Select Showcase recommendation forms due.
April 10, 2023 Chapter Select acceptance forms, technical requirements, and proof of performance rights due.
May 1, 2023 Chapter Select Showcase lineup announced; once EdTA announces the full lineup, schools/troupes may announce publicly.
May 3, 2023 Deadline for troupes to register for ITF 2023.
May 10, 2023 Deadline to assign housing and submit parking pass requests.
May 25, 2023 Digital programs due.
4 p.m., June 18, 2023 Production meeting and venue tour at Indiana University. Please note: This meeting takes place on Sunday. There is no additional cost for early registration or housing for Sunday arrivals.

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Adjudication Process

Chapters are responsible for training and recruiting adjudicators to score performances at their own regional events. Chapters may use the rubrics below to score performances. Check with your chapter director for specific details about the adjudication process in your chapter.

The full rubric, an overall score, and written feedback from the adjudicators should be shared with each director once the adjudication is complete.

Adjudicators should disclose any conflicts of interest prior to screening a production and should not be assigned to screen a production should any of the following conflicts of interest arise:

  • The adjudicator and/or their troupe is also submitting a production for consideration.
  • Any other conflicts of interest the adjudicator discloses.
Education is central to the adjudication process. The evaluation rubrics below are designed to provide educational feedback to directors and students involved with the production, regardless of whether the show is recommended by the chapter to perform in the Chapter Select Showcase at ITF.
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Chapter Select Showcase Rubrics

One-Act Rubric
Use for one-acts or cuttings of full-length productions. 

Reader’s Theatre Rubric
Use for performances of traditional reader’s theatre.

Performance Piece Rubric
Use for performances other than one-acts, cuttings from full-length productions, or reader’s theatre.

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Selection Process

Up to 17 live productions will be selected for the ITF 2023 Chapter Select Showcase lineup. Slots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. A performance slot is only secured when all acceptance materials, including proof of performance rights, have been received.

Productions will be selected for the ITF Chapter Select Showcase based on achieving among the highest scores at a chapter event according to the Chapter Select Showcase adjudication rubrics and being recommended by the chapter director. 

EdTA encourages chapters to nominate productions promoting diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency in the cast, crew, director, playwright, and/or the subject matter of the work.

fter a performance is recommended for the Chapter Select Showcase, troupe directors will receive a link to the acceptance form from EdTA. Troupe directors must submit their acceptance form, technical requirements, and proof of performance rights no later than April 10, 2023 in order to be included in the Chapter Select Showcase lineup. If acceptance forms are not submitted by the deadline, then the recommended performance will not be scheduled.

Once the acceptance form is received, troupe directors will receive instructions via email with details about presenting their live production at ITF.

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Production Requirements 

Pre-Festival Planning:

  1. The production presented at ITF must be substantially the same production presented for adjudication. Any changes to casting (emergency or otherwise) must be submitted and approved by the EdTA staff prior to the event. NOTE: Exceptions will be considered for incidents involving COVID-19 and corresponding restrictions.
  2. The troupe/school must obtain approval from the licensing agency for one in-person performance at ITF and supply EdTA with a copy of that approval. Licensing agreements should specifically note one performance within the ITF dates to accommodate any potential schedule. Proof of permission to perform must be received no later than April 10, 2023. Any additional royalties incurred for the festival performances must be paid by the troupe/school.
  3. The performing troupe must identify a primary contact with whom all correspondence from EdTA will be communicated.
Bringing Your Production to ITF: 
  1. The primary contact of the performing troupe must register cast, crew, and adult chaperones for ITF by May 3, 2023 and comply with EdTA's COVID-19 policy at the time of registration. All adults registered with a Chapter Select production must consent to a background check.
  2. If staying on campus, the primary contact of the performing troupe must submit housing assignments and parking pass requests no later than May 10, 2023. If staying off-campus, the group must stay in one of the host hotels.
  3. The primary contact must submit digital programs (which include any updated cast, crew, advertisements, thank-you notes, etc.) by May 25, 2023. No paper programs are allowed at ITF. Troupes are not permitted to hang posters or hand out individual items while on site.
At Indiana University:
  1. Directors of troupes performing in the Chapter Select Showcase must arrive on campus on Sunday, June 18, 2023. At ITF 2023, there is not an additional cost for early arrival and housing.
  2. Directors will meet and tour the venue with the production team from 3-4 p.m. ET on Sunday, June 18. 2023.
  3. Troupes performing in the Chapter Select Showcase will be allotted one (1) hour for set-up, performance, and strike. Our recommendation is to allow 10 minutes to set-up, 45 minutes for the performance, and 5 minutes to strike.
  4. Troupes will not be allocated rehearsal time or space prior to the scheduled performance time.
  5. Troupes are not allowed onstage until their scheduled performance time.
  6. Productions must adhere to stage safety guidelines.
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Chapter Select Production Specifications

The Chapter Select Showcase will be presented in the Ruth N. Halls Theatre, which houses a proscenium stage 34 feet wide by 30 feet deep. The theatre seats 443 audience members.

The use of all Ruth N. Halls technical equipment will be supervised by ITF personnel. Each performing troupe must provide an individual who will be responsible for providing the appropriate cues.


General area lighting is available (up/mid/down right; up/mid/down left; up/down/true center) in clear, cool, and warm washes. Special lighting effects are not available. A follow spot is not available. A production may include special lighting instruments if they can be set and struck within the permitted time frame. Such instruments must be approved in advance by EdTA and should be noted in the acceptance form.


ITF will provide audio playback, amplification, and speakers. Groups may use their own smart phone, iPad/tablet, or laptop to run cues through the provided sound system and must provide their own operator for the playback device. The operator may be a student or an adult as assigned by the production. All playback devices must have a 3.5 millimeter / 1/8-inch or USB audio output option. Due to the limited amount of time allotted for set and strike, the use of microphones is not permitted for the Chapter Select Showcase.


No projectors or screens will not be provided; the performing troupe must bring and set up everything required. All projectors must be set and stuck during the production's one-hour time slot. No projectors may be set up in the house; all projections must be made from within the playing space. If projections are made from upstage of a screen, they must not require a throw of more than 15 feet. The performing troupe must provide an operator for their projector who must control the projections from onstage or upstage, not from the booth.

Special Effects

If your production contains a gunshot or other loud noise, you must indicate so on your acceptance form. Notice will be posted in the ITF app as part of the production's program. No smoke, haze, or pyrotechnic effects will be permitted.

Props and Sets

A prop is any item that will fit through a single door and is carried on- or offstage by a single person during the performance. Set pieces are anything larger. Set pieces and flats are not allowed. Please review the list of set pieces provided and be sure to indicate on your acceptance form which pieces you wish to use and how many, if there are more than one available.

Due to the limited recommended strike time (5 minutes), limit the size and number of props you bring. Only those items essential to the plot of your production should be used. Props, costumes, and makeup must be furnished by the performing troupe. The International Thespian Festival, LLC and Indiana University cannot be responsible for props, costumes, makeup, valuables, or any item not on the following list:

Provided Set Pieces
  • 1 wooden desk
  • 1 wooden desk chair
  • 1 table
  • 6 stools
  • 6 cubes (16 inches on all sides)
  • 8 stacking chairs
  • 4 music stands

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Stage Safety Guidelines

To support our teachers and provide a safe performance experience, EdTA and ITF have partnered with the United State Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) to provide stage safety resources and educational materials. The following standards must be reviewed and adhered to by any program performing on a main stage at ITF:


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