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Commissioned One-Act

Be part of a brand-new one-act play!


Selected actors will participate in the first-ever workshop and staged reading of this new work. Experience what it's like to work with a professional playwright to develop a new piece of theatre and gain valuable experience that will make you a more agile actor, a stronger collaborator, and a seasoned pro at dissecting new works! Audition submissions will be accepted until June 1, 2024.


About the Show

Reel Times at Somerset High

As president of the AV Club, Parker prides themself on their knowledge of film and TV. They see the entire world as one big production: math class is a horror movie, the lunchroom is a cooking show, and phys ed is a war documentary. When a new student, Dallas, transfers to Somerset High, Parker discovers a new genre: romance. With the spring formal quickly approaching, Parker and their friends get the chance to tell the story of who they are, hopefully landing a date on the way.

Cast Breakdown

Parker – Our protagonist. President of the Cinema Club at Somerset High, they often see the world through movie and television genres. Has never had a date. Favorite movie: The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
Logan – Parker's friend, but really close with Drew. Has a deep movie knowledge and a kind heart. Favorite movie: Rainman.
Drew – VP of the Cinema Club and can be intense. Close friends with Logan and very loyal. Willing to do anything for their friends. Favorite movie: Godzilla.
Britton – Student body president. Doesn't like to be seen with anyone who isn't considered to be popular. But, really, they are a good person, if not a bit self-centered. Favorite movie: Mean Girls.
Elliot – They come across as a hardcore individual. Almost like a war general. But secretly a fantastic dancer. Favorite movie: Step Up.
Dallas – The new kid at Somerset High School. Parker's crush! They are really just trying to fit in. Favorite movie: Holes.
Chef – The best student in home economics. They model their personality after a certain famous British chef who is known for losing their cool. Favorite movie: Chef.
Mr. Matthews – The math and sometimes gym teacher who really cares about the students. Everyone's favorite teacher! Favorite movie: Dead Poets Society.
Nurse – The school nurse who is ready to help out when the time comes. Favorite movie: Patch Adams.

Additional Characters (The Nurse and Mr. Matthews can play any of these as well)

  • Cook 1
  • Cook 2
  • Dancer 1
  • Dancer 2
  • Informant 1
  • Informant 2
  • Informant 3

Author: TJ Young

TJ Young is a Texas-born playwright and dramaturg based in Pittsburgh, where he serves as co-representative for the Dramatists Guild - Pittsburgh region. His plays include The Inseparables (Pittsburgh Public Theatre Commission, published by Stage Partners), Isle of Noises (James Madison University Commission), No. 6 (2017 Harold and Mimi Steinberg Award Winner – KCACTF, Indana Rep), Lyon's Den (2018 Harold and Mimi Steinberg Distinguished Achievement awardee), Ruby's Baby Blue (2016 John Cauble Short Play Award Regional Finalist – KCACTF), Hell is Empty (2017 John Cauble Short Play Award Regional Finalist – KCACTF), and Sperm Donor Wanted (2023 L. Arenold Weissberger New Play Award Finalist). He is the recipient of the 2017 Ken Ludwig Playwriting Scholarship. He received his MFA in Dramatic Writing from Texas State University. He is also the NPP Chair for Region 2 of the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, where he also aids with the Playwriting Intensive and teaches workshops at the regional and national levels. He is currently an Associate Professor of Dramaturgy at Carnegie Mellon University.

Want to Audition?

Registered students interested in participating in the Commissioned One-Act workshop and staged reading (as performers or stage managers) should submit a virtual audition by June 1. Student need not be an inducted Thespian to participate. Auditionees who are cast in the workshop/reading will be notified by June 15. Workshop rehearsals will be held at designated times during the week of ITF, culminating in a staged reading of the play on Friday of festival week.

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