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Attendee Information

Please complete the following form to submit your on-campus housing requests for ITF 2024. Housing information must be received by May 8, 2024

If you need to make changes to a completed housing form, please email events@schooltheatre.org. Do not complete a new form. Please note that we are not able to accept changes to forms after May 15, 2024.

All adult registrants will be housed in single-occupancy rooms.

All students must be paired with a roommate unless a specific request is made, which may incur an additional fee. If a troupe is bringing an odd number of students, the unpaired student will be assigned a roommate from another troupe with an unpaired student wherever possible. Please note that student rooms have a max capacity of two; we do not have access to dorm rooms housing 3 or more students.

No romantic partners – student or adult – may room together in the dorms. Chaperones are expected to model the same behavior expected from students.

Inclusivity is a top priority at ITF. ITF involves minors and therefore must follow IU’s program involving children (PIC) policy. Per IU’s PIC policy, attendees must be separated by floor based on gender binary. We encourage troupe directors/chaperones to make roommate assignments that provide safety and comfort for their trans and non-binary students. Should you or your attendees have any details they'd like to share with us, please include this information in the question about privacy concerns and ADA accessibility needs. 

If you are not a member of a troupe, please put N/A.

This includes students or any other adults included in your registration group.
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Because programming for ITF 2024 will begin on the morning of Monday, June 24, all attendees are encouraged to arrive on Sunday, June 23. There is not an additional fee associated with arriving on this date. Attendees participating in the following programs are expected to arrive on Sunday, June 23:
  • Main Stage groups
  • Chapter Select groups
  • Thespys participants
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If no, please leave this field blank.
Please note: beds may be lofted at 40.25" (low loft) or 70.25" (high loft) from floor to the top of the mattress. Please specify any attendee in your group who may require an ADA accessible bed height (under 23" from floor to top of mattress).

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