June 20-24, 2022
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ITF 2022 Registration is Open!

ITF welcomes...

  • Thespians, Junior Thespians, and their troupe directors
  • Non-member middle and high school theatre students (age 12 and up)
  • Theatre educators

While schools often attend as troupes/groups with a troupe director, individual students may participate with an adult chaperone. And of course, all theatre lovers can enjoy a virtual pass!

Note: Some add-ons are only available to inducted Thespians.

Before You Register...

To expedite the registration process and ensure that you are shown the appropriate fees and add-on activities, please update your personal information and troupe roster (if applicable) at

Troupe Directors: You must induct eligible students before registering them for ITF at the discounted Thespian rate. In order to avoid late registration prices, this means your inductions must be complete before May 2022 for any students wishing to attend ITF as a Thespian. It may take up to 48 hours for your troupe roster to reflect changed induction statuses in our system. View more information on registration fees and dates.

If you need a quote, do not complete your registration at this point. Please contact for instructions.

Group Registrations

An adult chaperone (a troupe director, parent/guardian, or other group leader) must be the primary contact for group registrations. The primary contact must register themself first, then add all student attendees and additional chaperones attending with their group in order to request housing blocks and assign roommates.

You will not be able to save your cart and complete it at a later time. If you are registering multiple attendees, it will take approximately 2 minutes per person to complete the form. Please have all attendees' information collected before beginning the registration process (see below).

Follow These Pre-Registration Steps:

  1. Update your personal information and troupe roster at After logging in, select “Edit My Profile” to update your personal information.
  2. Collect the following information for each attendee you will be registering:
  • Email
  • Troupe Number (for inducted Thespians and students affiliated with a chartered troupe)
  • Phone number
  • T-shirt size
  • Emergency Contact Information (name & phone number)
    • For adults, this can be a spouse or relative not attending ITF
    • For students, this can be a troupe director or chaperone attending ITF
  • Full legal name (for adults)
  • Parent/Guardian name (for minors)
  • Parent/Guardian email address (for minors)

For more information on using the membership portal, visit this page.

If you need assistance updating your membership information or troupe roster, please email

More Information

Be sure to explore the Registration Fees and the Rules & Regulations before registering for the event.

Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions on completing the registration. You may wish to have the video open in a separate window to reference while completing registration by clicking "Watch on Youtube."

Register Now

I am registering a Thespian Troupe (director, students, chaperones)
and have compiled all of their information.


I am an adult registering only myself and no one else at a later date. 


I am a parent/guardian wishing to register myself and my child or 
multiple students without a full Thespian Troupe in attendance
and have compiled all of their information.


If you will be registering a group, but have not yet compiled all their information, 
now is NOT the time to register for ITF.
First gather all the information you'll need from all attendees, then register. 

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