Registration Fees

Virtual ITF welcomes all theatre lovers, including:

  • Thespians, Junior Thespians, and their troupe directors
  • Non-member theatre students and teachers
  • Thespian alumni who want to relive the magic of ITF
  • Industry professionals, from teaching artists to technicians, playwrights to performers

Note: Add-ons are only available to inducted Thespians and member teachers.

Grants are available to inducted Thespians who face financial barriers to attending ITF. Interested Thespians should fill out a grant application.


2021 Registration Fees

All-Access Pass Standard Registration (through June 1) Late Registration Fees have been waived!
Student Members $199 $249
Student Non-Members $249 $299
Adult Members $199 $249
Adult Non-Members (Includes the cost of an
annual EdTA membership)
$329 $379
Student Add-On Activities - for Inducted Thespians only
(Must be registered by May 14.)
Open only to inducted Thespians  
College Auditions
(Open to high school juniors)
$20 N/A
Thespy® Awards Program
(Fee is per entrant, per category. More than one category is permitted. Includes access to scholarships for college-bound seniors.)
$20 N/A
Tech Challenge
(Fee is per team.)
$20 N/A
Student Leadership Training
Take your leadership skills to new heights! Join the International Thespian Officers for a day of workshops that will focus, define, and inspire your leadership style and potential.
$20 N/A
Student Add-On Activities - Open to All Students Open to all students  
Thespians Got Talent
(Students are invited to register for a spot to showcase their talents or special skills.)
$0 $0
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion College Networking Reception 
(This event allows students to engage with colleges and universities who value all forms of diversity on their campus and among their student body. Students will have an opportunity to practice networking skills with college and university representatives in a casual setting. Attendees can follow up with one-on-one appointments throughout the event. Any student who identifies as diverse is invited to attend this event.)
$0 $0
Teacher Add-On Activities Open only to member teachers  
Professional Development Intensives 
(3, 2.5 hour trainings for only $249.  College credit is available.)
$249 N/A


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