June 22-25, 2021
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Registration Fees

Virtual ITF welcomes all theatre lovers, including:

  • Thespians, Junior Thespians, and their troupe directors
  • Non-member theatre students and teachers
  • Thespian alumni who want to relive the magic of ITF
  • Industry professionals, from teaching artists to technicians, playwrights to performers

Note: Add-ons are only available to inducted Thespians and member teachers.

Grants are available to inducted Thespians who face financial barriers to attending ITF. Interested Thespians should fill out a grant application.


2021 Registration Fees

All-Access Pass Standard Registration (available through May 14) Late Registration (available through June 1)
Student Members $199 $249
Student Non-Members $249 $299
Adult Members $199 $249
Adult Non-Members (Includes the cost of an
annual EdTA membership)
$329 $379
Student Add-On Activities Open only to inducted Thespians  
College Auditions (Open to high school juniors) $20 N/A
Thespy® Awards Program (Fee is per entrant, per category. More than one category is permitted. Includes access to scholarships for college-bound seniors.) $20 N/A
Tech Challenge  $20 N/A
Teacher Add-On Activities Open only to member teachers  
Professional Development Intensives  $249 $249

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