Theatre Education Audition Tips
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Theatre Education Audition Guidelines & Tips

For theatre education auditions, students will submit performance or technical audition materials and will answer a written response. Students will also upload a headshot and resume.

Helpful Tips

Preparing Your Audition

  • Choose whether you’d like to submit a performance video or a technical portfolio. Be mindful of which option allows you to present your strongest and most relevant skills.
  • Guidelines for preparing your performance audition can be found here.
  • Guidelines for preparing your technical audition can be found here.

Answering the Written Response Question

  • Consider the value of theatre education. Why have you chosen to pursue a career in this field?
  • Elaborate on what skills, experiences, interests, and/or questions led you to choose this path.
  • Discuss what you want to contribute to the field of theatre education.
  • After responding to the question, you may include a link to an online portfolio or additional materials in the response space. 

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