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Thespy Logistics

The International Thespian Excellence Awards (Thespys®) recognize the highest level of achievement in school theatre performance, technical theatre, writing, and filmmaking. There are many moving parts to the final adjudications, scoring, showcase callbacks, and awards recognition during the International Thespian Festival (ITF). Below are the things you need to know about the Thespys at ITF. 

Thespy Adjudication Schedule 

In-person Thespy adjudication will take place Monday-Tuesday, June 24-25, 2024 at ITF. All technical categories are scheduled to present on Monday, while performance categories are split across Monday and Tuesday. Musical Theatre Dance entries are scheduled entirely on Tuesday. You can explore the official Thespy schedule below (in Excel format). The spreadsheet is sorted by troupe number (column A); you can also use Ctrl+F to search for an entry. Note: This spreadsheet is much easier to navigate on a desktop, laptop, or tablet rather than a mobile phone. 

View the Schedule

Student Arrival and Check-In

Students should report to their assigned room to check in at least 15 minutes before the adjudication block is scheduled to start. We have provided hour-long blocks, not up-to-the-minute time slots, so we request that everyone arrives before the top of their hour. Students will remain in the adjudication room for the duration of the time block and will perform or present in front of one another. Students who arrive after the start of their assigned time block should report to the Thespy Information Desk in the lobby of Ballantine Hall for instructions. (Students late for dance entries should report to the monitor in Ruth N. Halls.)

Spectators will not be allowed in Thespy adjudication rooms (though they may wait outside the classroom), but all are welcome to attend the Solo Musical Theatre Performance Showcase and ITF Closing Ceremony that will feature selected Thespy entries.

What to Bring to Adjudications

Technical students should bring any necessary materials with them for their presentation (e.g., portfolio, laptop, models, etc.). Musical theatre and dance students should bring their phone or similar source for music (Bluetooth speakers with AUX cables will be provided, or students may bring their own speaker for easier connection). We recommend students download any music, digital media, etc. to their devices in advance of their adjudications as Wi-Fi may not be consistently accessible within the venue for streaming.

Time Limit Reminders

  • Solo Acting: 3 minutes
  • Duet & Group Acting, All Musical Theatre Categories: 5 minutes
  • All Technical Categories: 8 minutes for presentation, followed by 4 minutes of Q&A with adjudicators (which starts immediately after the presentation ends).
Time Limit Warnings: At the end of the allotted time, the room monitor will raise their hand to indicate time is up. After 10 seconds, the room monitor will say, "Time." After 20 seconds, the room monitor will say, "Stop." It is important to bring your work to a close when the monitor indicates time is up.

Thespy Scores Release

While on site, all Thespy scores (virtual and in-person) will be released for review by June 26, 2024. All troupe directors and primary contacts of Thespy participants will receive an email when the scores have been released on the OpenWater scoring platform. To access your troupe’s scores, log in by clicking the My Account button at

Visit to Login

Viewing Your Scores

Follow these instructions to access your troupe’s scores:

  1. Hover over the My Account menu, then click Change Applicant Organization.
  2. Click Select next to International Thespian Festival.
  3. In the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen, click Results under My Applications to view your Thespy entries.
  4. You’ll see the ranking under Winner Status.
    • Thespy – Thespy Award Winner (Superior rating and highest score in category)
    • Superior
    • Excellent
    • Good
    • Fair
  5. Under Action, click Results to view specific scores and comments for the entry.

Note: You will only be able to view entries that were submitted under your OpenWater account. If one of your students submitted their own application in OpenWater using a different login, the results will be sent to the email address that the student used to submit the application.

Scoring & Program Questions

Please note that the Thespys team will be unable to accept any scoring or program inquiries while on site at ITF. It’s not that we don’t want to help; it’s that scheduling is incredibly tight during festival week. Here’s how to reach out after ITF with any inquiries:

Showcase Callbacks

High-scoring Thespians in performance categories may be invited to callbacks during the International Thespian Festival and high scorers in technical and writing categories may be asked to participate in filmed interviews about their respective fields. Participants will be notified via email the evening before the callback or interview, and this may occur before official feedback and ratings have been released.

Interviews will be conducted on the morning of Tuesday, June 25. Performance callbacks are conducted on the morning of Wednesday, June 26 by the showcase selection committee (comprised of EdTA staff, theatre educators, and industry professionals) upon recommendation from the adjudicators separately from the scoring and feedback process. Because of numerous considerations, including but not limited to talent, equity, licensing rights, variety, and program length, not all Thespy winners or Superior-rated students will be able to be called back to interview or perform and not all categories may be represented. The panel’s only consideration is to put together an entertaining representation of the talent in the Thespy program. Update: 20 Thespy entries were called back for nine performance slots in the Closing Ceremony.

Although the students’ work will be evaluated by this panel, the callback does not further score or rank the students’ work and feedback will not be provided – the official adjudication has already concluded. Students not selected for callbacks are still eligible to take home a Thespy Award. After callbacks are conducted, entries from various categories will be selected to give exhibition performances during the ITF Closing Ceremony on the evening of Friday, June 28.

If selected for the ITF Closing Ceremony, participants will be required to attend a spacing/ tech rehearsal on Friday prior to the event, as well as provide a high-quality digital copy of their audio track (in MP3, M4A, WAV, or AIFF format) and/or the text of their scene/monologue prior to the rehearsal.

Participation in the new Solo Musical Theatre Performance Showcase is for those students who are Thespy Winners in this category. If invited to perform in the new Solo Musical Theatre Performance Showcase, participants will be required to attend a spacing/ tech rehearsal on Friday, June 28, prior to the event, as well as provide a high-quality digital copy of their audio track (in MP3, M4A, WAV, or AIFF format).

Recognizing Thespy Participants

As part of their participation in Thespys, students and troupes may receive a variety of participation materials.
  • Participants who receive a superior overall rating will receive a pin.
  • Thespy Award winners (those who scored the highest in each category) will receive a winners' medallion.
  • The Thespian troupes of the Thespy Award winners will also receive a?custom trophy.

Here's how troupe directors, primary contacts, and students can claim award materials:

Superior Pins

Superior Pins are available for pickup by troupe directors or primary contacts in the Georgian Room at the IMU on Thursday from 11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. Materials must be picked up during these hours. They will be organized by the troupe number and school name and may only be collected by the troupe director or primary contact, not individual Thespian participants. All superior-rated Thespians are encouraged to wear their pins to the ITF Closing Ceremony, where they will be recognized for their achievements. We are unable to ship any unclaimed award materials after ITF.

Thespy Award Winners’ Medallions & Photos

Medallions will be available for pickup by the winners (students) in the Georgian Room at the IMU on Friday from 11:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. At this time, winners will have their official Thespy Award photos taken with their medals. Students must show their badge to receive their medallion and should come dressed as they wish to be photographed. For reference on how these will be showcased, here are 2023 Thespy winners' photos. Additional logistics regarding recognition at the Closing Ceremony will be communicated at this time. We are unable to ship any unclaimed award materials after ITF.

Custom Trophies

Trophies will be produced and shipped to the school's address after the conclusion of the event, with delivery expected in the fall, when school resumes. Communication will be sent to troupe directors at that time.

Virtual Thespy Participants

All materials will be shipped to the attention of the troupe director at the school address, with delivery expected in the fall, when school resumes. Communication will be sent to troupe directors at that time.

We are so thrilled to honor the hard work of so many students!

The Thespy Awards are presented by Disney Live Entertainment

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